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Lucky Break

poems by Terry Ehret

“In a world where voices of men ‘control all the channels,’ here is a strong woman’s voice, clear and haunting . . . . Drawing on art, history, poetry, and dreams, her words house us in ‘the world at the edge of all our changes,’ and explore what allows us to close or to open our hearts.”

—Peggy Shumaker, author of Just Breathe Normally

“Terry Ehret’s poems are splendidly original. There is a willingness to speak the truth about large, dark aspects of our world. . . . She takes the philosophical ideas of Gaston Bachelard, whose words serve as epigraphs to several poems, and breathes life into them with deep explorations of personal experience and stunning images that continue to vibrate long after the book is closed.”

—Judith Barrington, author of Horses and the Human Soul

“Terry Ehret’s poems act like spells to alter the expectations of logic. Intellect is so thoroughly integrated with heart and body that a kind of alchemical transformation takes place. Lucky Break is a collection full of the force and variety of this world and others—too large to hold, too wild to still.”

—Killarney Clary, author of By Common Salt

Terry Ehret’s third collection, Lucky Break, responds to our fractured times with a lyrical blend of levity and gravity, like the sculpture that inspired the title poem. From the opening musings on the origins of writing, to the sequence of poems based on the French philosopher Gaston Bachelard’s Poetics of Space, to the final lyrics set against the war in Iraq, Ehret reminds us that every catastrophe also opens us to possibilities: new ways of imagining and perceiving. Here are poems, crafted with intelligence and vision, that speak to this moment, living as we are in a world “at the edge of all our changes.”


Lucky Break is the sixteenth book to be published by Sixteen Rivers Press, a poetry collective dedicated to providing an alternative publishing avenue for Bay Area poets. The press is named for the sixteen rivers that flow into San Francisco Bay.

Binding: Perfect-bound paperback

Press run: 1,000 copies

Price: $15

Page count: 96

Publication date: March 1, 2008

ISBN: 978-0-9767642-6-7

Distributor: Small Press Distribution


Terry Ehret is one of the founders of Sixteen Rivers Press. Literary awards for her previous poetry collections, Lost Body and Translations from the Human Language, include the National Poetry Series, the Commonwealth Club of California Book Award, and the Nimrod/Hardman Pablo Neruda Poetry Prize. In 1997, as the writer-on-site at the Oakland Museum of California, she created a poetry audio tour for the Gallery of California Art, and from 2004 to 2006, she served as Sonoma County Poet Laureate. Ehret has taught writing at San Francisco State and Sonoma State Universities, California College of the Arts, Santa Rosa Junior College, and with the California Poets in the Schools Program. She currently leads private workshops in Sonoma County, California, where she lives with her family.

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