Publicity Kits (sometimes also called Press Kits) are intended to make it easy for someone else to help you promote your book. By providing a press release, book announcement, author photo, blurbs, excerpts or sample poems,  author bios–long and short, etc., those who are coordinating events and handling PR will have all the materials at hand. And so will you when you are the one handling your own promotion.

Increasingly publicity kits are created in digital form only. However, it is a good idea to create several hard-copy publicity kits to have on hand. It is also a good idea to carry the digital version on a flash drive whenever traveling, especially when your travel purpose is book promotion.

Publicity Kits generally include the following items:

Black and white or color author photo in jpeg and tif format

Color image of book cover

Book Announcement

Press Release

Author Bio (short version,  about 100 words)

Author Vita (longer narrative bio, about 250 words)

Blurbs: current author endorsements

“Previous Praise”: previous author endorsements

Sample poems or excerpts, or a copy of the book

Reviews, feature articles

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