Terry Ehret

This website provides basic tips and resources for writers who are interested in publishing original creative work.

I created the website because so many people I meet want to publish their own books , and many are choosing to publish through online print-on-demand companies.  Working outside the traditional publishing houses can be very exciting and satisfying, but it can also be frustrating if you don’t know the professional publishing business.

Here you will find my suggestions and recommendations for questions I am most frequently asked.

My own specialty is poetry, prose poetry, and flash-fiction publishing, which doesn’t involve working with literary agents.

For those of you who are looking to publish non-fiction, memoir, and novels, there are links here that will be useful, particularly Poets & Writers and Preditors and Editors.

Feel free to browse the pages listed above, as well as the web links listed to the left.

You can find out more about my publishing and manusript consultation services at my website: www.terryehret.com.

For information specific to the Sonoma County literary community, visit my Sonoma County Literary Update website at www.literaryfolk.wordpress.com.

And for information about Sixteen Rivers Press, a regional poetry publishing collective, visit our website at www.sixteenrivers.org.

Terry Ehret